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Thank you for your interest in our marine carpets.  Since 1981, the purpose of this company has been  to provide the marine industry a carpet supplier dedicated exclusively to the boat and boat trailer builder.

Our experience has shown that the three traits necessary to being a successful supplier to this industry are quality, pricing, and most importantly, service. Without service, the product with the best design and lowest price would be useless. Timely deliveries and factory support are extremely important to any builder in this industry. Our commitment to service and support is second to none and is one of the reasons that make our company successful.

We offer a full line of products for the boat and boat trailer builder as well as distributors and marinas.  These include interior and exterior carpets in both pattern and cut-pile construction.  We also offer small width bunk carpet that can cover a 2x4 and up. 

We are a family owned business and our core management team has a combined total of over 85 years of experience in this business.  During the past 33 years, we have manufactured and sold over 70 million yards of carpet to the marine industry.  Let us put our experience and understanding of this industry to work for your company.

Feel free to call us for further information.

We’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

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