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Cut Pile

Our line of cut piles, carpet with the face composed of cut ends of yarn, comes in a wide variety of face weights, ounces of yarn per square yard. Using face weight is a common procedure to help compare various products. Our polypropylene line of cut piles consists of weights ranging from 12 oz. up to 28 oz. We have the capability to offer customer specific weights if necessary. All products are specified with marine back but other backing options are available.


G025 Medallion:

12 oz. cut pile specifically designed for the trailer building industry. Tufted on a 5/32 gauge set-up, this product provides good coverage at an affordable price.

G026 Spectrum:

16 oz. cut pile designed for optimal performance from a 1/8 gauge set-up. With this style, the customer can feel confident the coverage and overall feel of the product is at its maximum. Very popular with our pontoon and ski boat customers.

G015 Bayside:

20 oz. cut pile designed for high end floor applications. Tufted on a 1/8 gauge set-up, this product provides the customer with a superb coverage and feel at a competitive price. Standard products on virtually all of our bass boat builders.



Cut Pile


UV Stabilized Polypropylene


Woven Polypropylene




6’, 8’, 8’-6” and 12’

Additional Styles:

G014 Baypoint:*

CP18 Alamo:*

14 oz.

18 oz.

G075 Tahoe:*

G028 Highlander:*

24 oz.

28 oz.

* With minimums, we can offer additional weights.

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00R03 Taupe.JPG
00R08 Navy.JPG
00R09 Black.JPG
00R11 Platinum.JPG
00R13 Driftwood.JPG
00R56 Claret.JPG
00R65 Ivy.JPG
00R67 Midnight Star.JPG
00R84 Gunmetal.JPG
00R86 Teal.JPG
00R87 Charcoal.JPG
00R97 Jasmine.JPG
00R99 Corona.JPG
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