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Serving the Marine Industry

From our beginning in 1981, we have continued to add services that can help make our clients be more successful. Our quality and commitment to detail ensures that you're getting the very best quality in everything we deliver. Here is a list of the services we offer:

Small Roll Program
For our distributors, we offer a small roll program with a turnaround time of 48 hours. Upon receipt of order, we provide custom length rolls and package them to be shipped on the carrier of choice. We sanitize the roll to ship directly form our warehouse to the end user with only the markings approved by our distributors. We also provide tracking information when the package is shipped.

small roll program.jpg

Custom Snap-In Mats

Through our partnerships, Sparta Carpets provides custom boat mats. All mats are CMC cut and bound with UV stabilized binding tape. We can offer customer embroidery and install snaps if necessary. Our extensive database of boat layouts can help you find your mat or we can offer a template to the customer and have a mat custom cut to fit your application.

Custom Mats.jpg

Trailer Carpet

For our trailer building customers, we offer an in house cut program that provides carpet designed to cover trailer bunks in widths from 4 to 30 inches. We offer both a tufted and non-woven material in several distinct colors.

Rolled Carpet.jpg

Custom Carpet Colors

With our yarn supplier’s support, Sparta Carpets provides custom carpet color matching. We will produce a small tufted carpet in the requested construction to help in the evaluation.

Custom Colors(1).jpg

Contract Tufting

We currently offer 10 tufting machines on a contract basis. These include cut piles , berbers and cut/loops. We have the capabilities to run 8’-6” up to 15’ wide products. We offer both beam and creel tufting and can provide custom products.

Contract Tufting(1).jpg
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