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About Sparta Carpets

Sparta Carpets is a family owned and operated business, which began operations in 1981. 


Our original facility housed three employees and included two offices and a 2500 sf warehouse. We contracted all production of our carpet through various local suppliers and loaded rolls individually with hand trucks.

In 1982, we expanded our operation and moved to a larger location with more offices and warehouse space. By then, we had progressed to using a lift truck to load and unload our products and had grown to 8 employees and in May of that year, we purchased our first tufting machine.

In 1986, we purchased land and built our own state of the art warehouse and tufting facility. By then, our employee “family” added a 2nd generation. While we tufted our own products, we continued to contract other stages or our manufacturing process.

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In 1994, we merged with a larger residential carpet manufacturer. With this merger, we became completely independent of contractors and controlled every aspect of the carpet manufacturing process. This proved to be detrimental to our business as our new partners became more concerned about the production quotas and volume orders and lost sight of what mattered most, taking care of the needs of our customers. The merger was dissolved in 1996. 


Since that time, we have expanded our operations to include two separate facilities with over 70,000 sf of warehouse and 50,000 sf of production space. We continue to tuft our own products and work with local contractors to provide us top quality goods and services. It should be noted that many of these relationships go back to our beginnings in 1981.


At Sparta Carpets, we look forward to the future and what lies ahead. Our management team has a combined 100 years plus of experience in this market. With that experience, we have come to believe three factors are necessary to be a successful supplier to the marine industry:

  • Quality - Quality is a core belief at Sparta Carpets and the basis in which we handle our business. Without it, no discounts in pricing and early delivery can help the customer maintain their standards.

  • Service - Without service, your company’s dependability is questioned and deadlines are not met. The best product does without timely deliveries. And pricing has to be competitive.

  • Pricing - The market is always changing and pricing continues to be an ongoing and ever-changing part of our business. We will always offer the best product we can at the most competitive price possible. It is our belief that the least expensive product on the market is not always the best value. We hope you will agree.

During the past 33 years, we have manufactured and sold over 70 million yards of carpet to the marine industry. Let us put our experience and understanding of this industry to work for your company. Call for further information. We’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

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